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Meet the Wandering Wyatts and the Wyatt powerlifting video. She is being filmed while they’re driving. She is excited to be recovered and back to her usual training because she is looking forward to preparing herself for the powerlifting meet in 2 months!!! She also shares her nutrition info and her goal for the weight class that her Husband has said he’ll join and she playfully reminds him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mrs. Wyatt, of the wandering Wyatts, likes to chronicle her health and fitness goals on YouTube and is planning on entering a powerlifting competition on June 17th, in Leander.
  • She intends to diet so that she can participate in the 132-pound weight class, rather than the 148-pound weight class.
  • She is also entering a five-mile race that incorporates hurdles, called the Spartan Friend, on May 21st.

“Lighter weight, but all the time focusing on form.”