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  • Eva Andressa Shares Her Leg Press Technique

    Do your Leg Day and Never Break a Sweat Alrighty I guess when the camera is rolling the sweat stops rolling down her back eh? This Spanish language video from Generation Iron is nicely produced and pleasant to watch. I can tell that Eva is putting the gym time in but not so much from…

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  • Get Your Freak On Like Lazar

    Do You Want The Look The Ladies Want To Know Better? Get the entire break down of this chest and back workout dialed in by pressing pause early on in this well produced video track of Lazar doing his Chest and Back day. He gives you the whole itinerary if you think you can hack…

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  • Ladies! Double Your Weight!!

    Twice your body weight over your head…Sure you can! Morghan King is featured in this video that is half profile on her and if you pay attention it’s instructional too. While this may not seem of interest to the body sculpting crowd it’s still a value regardless; because every morsel of know-how adds-up. It goes…

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  • Krystal Cantu one armed wonder

    The Human Spirit Knows No Limits

    What’s My Excuse Now? Can You Say Humble? What can I say? From now on, being too lazy to get out of bed is out of the question…I don’t have anything else to say…Just watch  Click Below and be Impressed! Feature Image

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