“Does Cardio Burn Muscle And Kill Gains?”


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People may wonder if cardio can burn muscle and kill your gains. People say that cardio interferes with weight training adaptations and there are no benefits to it other than lifting weights. But, this is not a black white issue on whether, or not cardio is bad. There are benefits to it, but too much is not good.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you go overboard on cardio while you’re trying to focus on building muscle the main downside is the simple fact that you’re just introducing another stress to your body
  • Remember that muscle growth happens while you’re out of the gym resting and that the more effectively you can recover in between workouts
  • Aside from the recovery aspect after weight training, you could also be impacting actual weight training performance.

“The answer lies on a bell curve where performing some cardio is totally fine and will deliver certain benefits”