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Rinn Farina Muscle Mom

There is a real muscle mom named Rinn Farina. She is a mother and also a great bodybuilder. She is living proof that you can balance a life as a mom and a life as a great bodybuilder with an amazing body. She works out hard at the gym to maintain her physique. Her workouts […]


STRONG BODY | Alexis Berry

Watch amazing Alexis Berry as she works out to form an amazing body with fabulous curves. See the dedication that it takes, and you will develop a new respect for the ladies in the gym. Pride and determination take center stage in this awe inspiring video!  Alexis Berry is yet another muscular beauty that continues […]


Lauren Lee | Crushing It!

Be sure and watch Lauren Lee. Lee is a young powerlifter and beauty competitor that runs it down while in practice of her routine. She is a figure competitor and a fun personality to watch lift and curl and pull. There are no words for how good exercise is for the mind and the soul […]


Wonder Woman in Real Life – Heba Ali | Muscle Madness

Ever wanted to meet a Wonder Woman? Meet Heba Ali, a fitness athlete, and hybrid trainer. She has the strength to push large tires up and down a football field. Using her sheer force, she pulls a truck with her shoulders. She trains like a gladiator getting ready for war. Not only is she physically […]


Letícia Rapucci World Strongest Stewardess?

Aren’t flight attendants sexy enough? Well, ladies. Game on! Meet Letícia Rapucci. If you’re jealous, I understand because I am too! Just feast on those abs! Goodness-Me-Gracious! Ya know that washboard has gotta feel way excellent and powerful tight! Watch Letícia Rapucci below and get inspired to bring your “A’ game just in time for […]


INSANE LEGS And ABS | Vivi Winkler | Brazil Power

It’s always a pleasure to learn new routines and improve workout methods and exercises to build a stronger healthier and more fit body. The health benefits are evident, but the mental well being can also be off the charts. Being someone who’s very much so into health, I enjoyed the different routines that can be […]

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