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Dating a Bodybuilder? Why? Why Not?

Are Body Builders really that self-centered? Wow! Can we dissolve our whole subculture from the dating scene just ’cause we take the time to craft our bodies to their full potential. Isn’t that part of our motivation from the get go boys & girls? It’s a fun question to ponder for the giggles. Read below […]


Ladies! Wanna Lose Weight? Lift It!

If you want to really lose weight then get some weights and pick them up! Actually in some circumstances you may actually gain weight…what? Here’s the thing. Muscle weighs more than fat so it is possible that if you only rely on the scale for your only feedback metric then you’re only causing yourself emotional […]


I Don’t Want to Look Like a Man

Lifting weights will make me look thick and mannish I suppose if you’re outside or just beginning to learn about the benefits of building hardcore muscle – whether you’re a man or as woman – the prevailing attitude is it’s a man only avocation. Me? I think woman that lift are to be admired and […]

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