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MUSCLE BEAST | Adriana Kuhl | Monster Body Workout

Adriana Kuhl is a fitness model and social media star from Sweden. She began her fitness journey as a scrawny teenager, weighing 48kg. However, she trained hard, focused on adding lean muscle mass from the age of 19. Only a year later, she’d managed to make serious progress on her goals, gaining 6kg and sculpting […]


She Squat More Than You Bro|Crossfit Motivation|Cami López

If you are looking for CrossFit motivation, this is the video for you. This video is Cami López training with heavy weights in a CrossFit gym environment. In a few minutes, you can get a glimpse into the workout routine and lifestyle of an extremely fit and motivated young woman.


Most Shredded Man in the World – Helmut Strebl | Muscle Madness

The most shredded man in the world is Helmut Strebl. Getting shredded like him takes a lot of work and dedication. If you do not exercise some of the parts that you need to, then you will not have an amazing body. The right workout is essential. You need to try your best and have […]


Strongest Cop from NYPD – Michael Counihan | Muscle Madness

Muscle Madness brings you video from a cop who does what some of the elite cannot do. Watch how his amazing strength, endurance, and agility pays off. You may feel safer knowing there are officers like him, protecting you. As you watch try to imagine yourself, doing his training to achieve these levels and his […]


The Korean Muscle Barbie – Yeon Woo Jhi

I have a sudden compulsion to learn Korean…go figure! Yeon Woo Jhi is crazy superfine – ain’t no lie – can’t get enough – give me some more! This woman is a rocking it big time! She has incredible symmetry, and OMG check out those glutes! It’s crazy good! If you’re into beautifully chiseled feminine […]


The Worlds Fittest Grandmas! ✸Superfit older women✸

Check out the world’s fittest grandmas! Forget mallwalking or yoga. These ladies are running on the beach and doing bikini competitions. They are lifting more weight that you can and looking good while doing it. And don’t forget the Russian granny doing pullups!


The worlds best abs? ➡︎No 6-pack it`s a 10-pack!

Observe a highly sculpted body moving and flexing, seemingly in the peak of physical condition. It seems at time to be CGI but is definitely human skin and bone. Count the 10-pack, and enjoy the soothing electronic music. Several exercises and poses are displayed, and occasionally in the background lesser men can be seen.


Lord of the Gravity – Pivet Madkilla | Muscle Madness

The Lord of gravity is Pivet Madkilla. This man has an amazing ability to defy gravity and he can do a lot with his body. He showcases his talent by flying up an escalator with ease and also doing a variety of moves on the ground. His talents are REMARKABLE and he is one unique […]


EXTREME SHREDDED Girl – Eleonora Dobrinina | Fitness Babes

Eleonora Dobrinina is an extremely shredded woman! If you’re into a tight total freaky shred aesthetic look no further because Eleonora Dobrinina has got it figured out for sure. This woman is on a shred mission of epic proportions. her skin is so tight it almost looks like she just painted it over her completely […]

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