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Girls Who Lift Are Awesome|Workout Motivation|Suzanne Svanevik

Suzanne Svanevik is awesome. Suzanne Svanevik is a great role model and should be very motivating for young women who want to start lifting weights and getting in great shape. There are many different exercises that go into building a great body, and Suzanne Svanevik does her best in all areas. Lifting weights is a […]


Girls Who Lift Are Awesome|Workout Motivation|Lauren Findley

Girls that lift weights are very inspirational, especially for young women that are hoping to get great bodies as well. Training to get a great body takes a lot of work. It also takes a lot of dedication. The people that try their best and work hard through all the pain will come out on […]


HEBA ALI- Sweats It Out CrossFit Style

In this video we see many Heba Ali lifting heavy and doing many fun CrossFit inspired routines including tire flipping, lots of pull ups, rope work, sled pulls, and push-ups. Inclement weather including rain and high winds did not deter Heba from getting the job done. I’d consider Heba to be a glamour babe for […]


The Mind Game on How to Stay Motivated!

Motivation is quite challenging. It is often the most important point in any training program. Getting your mind right is more critical to your eventual success even more than the training itself. A persons ability to get their mind in gear is significant to the point that professional athletes even hire sports psychologists to help […]


Jordyn Getz

Jordyn Getz has empowered herself by exonerating traits of hard work, determination, strength (mental and physical) while breaking down the barriers of social norms where only men had previously reigned. More importantly, demonstrating what individuals can do when they put their minds to something and work to achieve a goal, in this case very visibly. […]


Lina Varela | Gets The Job Done!

Lina Varela has clearly dedicated time to body building and shows how she trains on video throughout several different sessions. In this video, she can be seen doing various types of lifts and pull-ups and using both machines and free weights. She is shown working on her upper body strength with the focus on different […]


RIPPED NATURAL STRONG GIRL | Rebecca Caydas | Aesthetic Body Training

There is a ripped natural, healthy girl named Rebecca Caydas. She is very much into keeping herself fit. She has a powerful body, and she maintains a very high focus when she is working out. We can all be inspired by Rebecca. Rebecca works out with a lot of passion, and it shows in her […]


WHEN BEAUTY MEET MUSCLES | Myriel Lapierre | Posing Workout

Myriel Lapierre body building abilities are on full display. Throughout the video, there are short pauses showing a mirror shot, which showcases her muscles even when not flexed for a pose. Montages of her work out sessions all ideal for motivation and inspiration. These montages show Myriel doing like so many other incredible women that […]


Stephanie Sanzo ? SUPER STRONG MUM | Body Workout Girl

There is a body workout mom named Stephanie Sanzo, and she is a crazy super energetic mother of two. She is in great shape, looks great and can lift like a BEAST! Stephanie’s workout routine is awesome, and she doesn’t shy away from lifting heavy. Stephanie pushes herself to the limit! Watching her work out […]

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