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Yanyah Milutinovic is a real warrior muscle woman. As a former champion of karate, she has a lean very ripped aesthetic. In this video, she shows she is clearly no slouch in the gym. Note that although she appears to be unusually thin that her routine proves her strength is developing nicely.


Oksana Grishina | FITNESS CHAMPION | Workout Skills

A woman named Oksana Grishina is a fitness champion and an amazing bodybuilder. She works out very hard at the gym and gives it her all. She has a tremendous physique and many skills. For women that want to become bodybuilders, they need look no further than Oksana for their inspiration.


Bodybuilding Motivation – Excuses Are For The Weak (2017)

Excuses are for the weak when it comes to bodybuilding. Hard work always wins in the end. If you are going to have a great body, you have to put in the work hard in order to get it. The world is full of talented people and if you wanna be one of the people […]


Iris Kyle Pump Up Video

Iris Kyle is a female bodybuilder that works hard at what she does. She’s had some very big wins in the bodybuilding arena.  She has persevered and achieved her goal of becoming an amazing bodybuilder. Learn more about Iris Kyle By visiting her website here


Bodybuilding Motivation – MOVE FORWARD

Bodybuilding Motivation If you fall and you don’t get up, then you are considered a failure. But, if you get up, then you are a winner. Moving forward is the key and there are a lot of people that have experienced success due to this outlook. Bodybuilding is the world where you always fail and […]


Chantelle Kolistasi | IRON GIRL | Best ABS Glutes Quads

Chantelle Kolistasi is known as the Iron Girl. She has amazing abs and glutes and even quads. She has a lot of passion for her workouts and puts everything she has into it. There are a variety of different workouts she does in order to maintain her amazing physique. She works out every muscle.

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