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Bodybuilding Fitness Motivation – STOP WASTING TIME

Bodybuilding fitness motivation is one thing you will need to have in order to gain amazing results. Perseverance and passion for the art of bodybuilding are an essential quality to build a foundation as you fuel your fitness ambition.  Continuing to develop curiosity qualities on your road to bodybuilding success is equal to any routine […]


The #1 Unspoken Rule of Success

There is a number one unspoken rule of success. If you work hard, that does not guarantee anything. People who are successful do not attribute their success to hard work alone. There are other things that go into it. It is doing the things that other people just don’t want to do that makes you […]


Shanique Grant | HUGE MUSCLES | Girl Power | 21 Years!

Shanique Grant is a young woman that makes it looks easy which may be because of very large muscles! I gotta say she looks almost bored by it all. Although she is very young she clearly has a lot of passion for what she does. This video is a great rundown on a lot of […]


Julia Fory – Beauty and Power

Julia Fory is a bodybuilder with the whole package – beauty and brawn. She clearly works very hard in the gym and if you feel the same as I do then you also feel just as grateful. She does her best in the gym to model her progress in this video and perhaps in future […]


Want to Add On Muscle? | Here’s a Bit of Inspiration!

It’s Not Magic | It’s Straight Up Work | You Can Add on Muscle! It’s true. Half the battle is showing up. I love this video because it’s real. So many vids you see are of someone who has already found their own path to add on muscle. The truth is for anyone and especially […]


Ellyssa Brooks Getting on Board with Resistance Training Early!

It’s Great To See Younger Women Embracing Resistance Training. Young women are taking an even greater interest in resistance training year over year. 2017 marks a new era of female body building and young women everywhere are getting a head start on living a more healthy life. We all know exercise is important for health […]


Bodybuilding Motivation – GOALS

How important are your fitness goals? Does setting goals actually help anyone gain success? The fitness industry is just like any other. The only difference is…instead of building a company, you’re building yourself. What does it really take to develop an award winning physique and get to the next level?

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