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Ronnie Coleman Documentary Announced From Producers Of Generation Iron | GI News

Ronnie Coleman is known as one of the biggest (literally) bodybuilders in the community. A Vlad Yudin documentary, ( Coming in early 2018 ), follows Ronnie Coleman through his post-surgery rehabilitation and his path to return to peak training. Coleman, an eight-time winner of Mr. Olympia, and known as “The King” of bodybuilding, has suffered […]


Rich Piana Placed Into Medically Induced Coma | GI News

Famous body builder Rich Piana has been placed into a medical coma recently. These reports come from the gossip website known as TMZ. On Monday in the afternoon, EMT’s and other first responders reportedly found Rich Piana in his house after an alleged overdose. He was reported to be unresponsive. Rich Piana Placed Into Medically […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger – Age is Just a Number | Muscle Madness

Arnold Schwarzenegger is legendarily known for his physical fitness. His fitness routine combines cardiovascular exercise with weight lifting. Here, he is shown at various gyms performing resistance training and cardio. The video begins with Arnold on a treadmill and moves on to him performing, shoulder presses, rows and bicep curls. At one point he even […]


The Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs of the Year

The lifting community and those that aspire to be members have a wealth of information waiting for them online, fortunately, as there’s a lot of ground to cover: weight loss, diets, recipes, supplements, powders, exercise regimes, training, recovery, the science behind it all, home-gym building, techniques, equipment, dealing with injuries, and more. These ten sites […]


Alan Thrall – Squat 465 lbs x 5 reps (Untamed Strength)

You thought your work out regime was challenging? Check out the Youtube video of Alan Thrall. He does five reps of squats while holding 465 pounds. Impressive, no? Watch him for inspiration. Also, watch and wonder if doing heavy duty squats makes you grow facial hair. This video is rife with facial hair. Click through […]


The 10 Greatest Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes of All Time

Many of the greatest bodybuilding quotes have come from powerful and influential in the body building industry. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Flex Lewis, many of the body builders listed have some powerful messages to share with the rest of the world. Even some anonymous. The 10 Greatest Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes of All Time Feature Image […]


The 40 Best Low-Calorie Foods

Although high-calorie foods may seem the most appetizing, that is not always the case. There are a plethora of options for eating delicious food that doesn’t contain all of the calories. By watching a number of calories you put into your body, you will not only see your clothes fit looser, you will feel better […]


The Last Real Bodybuilders

The world of fitness has been changing and morphing for some time now. It has metamorphosed into a new genre of the classic sport, which focuses more on slim waists and perfectly toned muscles. These two new classes of bodybuilding, that is Classic Physique and Men’s Physique, have started to take over as most popular, […]


8 Easy Methods to Measure Your Fitness Progress

Everyone at one point in their life, has decided to get healthy and change their lifestyle to try and lose those extra pounds. This blog post teaches you ways that you can track those shedding pounds with simple ways, such as measurements, weighing yourself, writing it down in a notebook, apps on your phone and […]


Editor’s Picks: Adorn Your Athletic Body

No matter what your ability or body type, here are sone perfect picks for your athletic look. There is something for everyone from lifting gloves to sports bras that accommodate and body shape. The items are cool to look at but also functional, this list was compiled by editors who know what they like and […]

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