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Cellulite is the accumulation of fat cells in the body. The accumulation often occurs on back, hips, butt, and legs. Cellulite is unsightly and results in a dimpled appearance on the skin. To remove cellulite exercise and diet are important. You should eat foods containing “good” fats as well as antioxidants, including salmon, dark chocolate, […]


Tip: Build Your Sad Little Quads

There are some very good tips out there on how to build your quads. There is one particular exercise that is very good for quad hypertrophy. But, it only works if you do it the right way. Paused hack squats are very good to do and during this exercise the quads have to keep you […]


The Complete Guide To Pressing

Lifting weights, doing push ups and pushing your body to its limit has always been an excellent way to work out and gain muscles, but what if the way you have been working out is all wrong? Learn to do the job more effectively by mixing up the variety of different level work outs and […]


Barbell Bent-Over Row Vs T-Bar Row | WHICH BUILDS A THICKER & WIDER BACK?

There are many different exercises that can help to build a more muscular back. Fitness trainer Scott Herman goes over two traditional, but very similar exercises, the barbell bent-over row, and t-bar row. Scott discusses the proper way to perform these exercises and provides his opinion regarding the most efficient use to allow the viewer […]


Top-To-Bottom Chest Workout | Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas, MuscleTech athlete, and elite bodybuilding coach walks you step by step through an amazing chest exercise workout. Each piece of the workout is described in detail and rep, and set numbers are given for each, while Dylan gives his tips and tricks throughout the presentation. Thomas provides a terrific free workout video with […]


How To Squat: Starting Strength

Squatting technique is imperative in ensuring that you not only avoid injury but build muscle. Learn the origin of the squat, and the difference between a high bar and low bar squat from strongman Alan Thrall. He also covers a good solid technique to get strong and avoid hurting yourself! Key Takeaways: the bar needs […]


This Fighter Workout Makes Fat Run For Its Life!

There is a fighter workout that makes fat run for its life. It is a fat burning sensation. It requires some concise, but very intense bursts of work that have very little rest in between them. The Fighter Workout will translate into burning more calories as well as increasing your core strength as well as […]



Scott Herman describes a challenge to increase one’s core while also focusing on increasing the muscle mass of one’s obliques. He created this challenge to prepare for a photo-shoot and shows his muscles as evidence that the challenge works. The workout routine includes repetition rounds of one hundred, consisting of exercises such as woodchoppers and […]


Tip: Heavy Snatch Complex

You will learn the Heavy Snatch Complex: This complex (a continuous series of exercises using the same weight) consists of a deadlift, a snatch, two overhead squats, and a snatch balance. Use this complex to attack your weaknesses and build massive strength on top of that goal. This complex targets everyone’s weakest points in the […]


Beginner’s Guide to The Gym | Top Bro-Science Advice To Ignore!

Nutrition and rest are just as important as exercise in building a buff physique. It is important to set goals, so you can form a program to meet these aims. Another important factor is consistency in your daily exercise routine. Try to have your workout at the same time every day. Key Takeaways: The more […]

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