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Wanna Lose 30 Pounds? Eat!

Challenge What You’ve Been Taught With Common Sense. Let’s be honest. Most of us are simply not elite athlete material. Maybe it’s genetics, or perhaps it’s age, but it’s highly unlikely that most of us reading this article will be gracing the cover of muscle mag next week. I would gather that the biggest likely […]


Grandma & Grandpa! Get With It!

No Excuses No Matter How Old You Are This is a basic and fundamental treatment for older adults on the benefits of resistance training. It’s geared towards those that haven’t thought much about starting an exercise program in there earlier years let alone now that they are older. If exercise makes you feel better in […]


Try These Top 10 Kettle Bell Moves…

How to Broaden Your Impact and Scope… Variety can have a huge impact on outcomes and choosing to make conscience and thoughtful decisions on how your training progresses is of paramount importance. It ‘s not easy to stay enthusiastic. Routines can become stale. To be honest, switching up a routine after you’ve got the hang […]


Get A Washboard On Laundry Day

A Gut So Lean You Can Do Your Laundry On It? In my early foray into bodybuilding I asked a guy at my office that was strutting his stuff how to get the washboard abs that everyone can never get enough of. He said “Do you want to have’emĀ  or see’em? I thought having them […]


Leg Day Make You Puke?

Wanna Keep Your Lunch Down? I read somewhere that if your a guy you tend to work on the body parts that get you the quickest results. The reason I remember that and tend to believe it is because I think it’s true. For most guys its easier and thus a faster path to gratification […]


Tweak Your Core Anytime

Don’t Dismiss This! Especially if You Travel! I don’t know about you but sometimes life gets in the way for a wee bit and you find your routine gets derailed for a day or so. For instance, I had a wedding to attend last weekend and felt off kilter even tho I had made accommodations […]


Eva Andressa Shares Her Leg Press Technique

Do your Leg Day and Never Break a Sweat Alrighty I guess when the camera is rolling the sweat stops rolling down her back eh? This Spanish language video from Generation Iron is nicely produced and pleasant to watch. I can tell that Eva is putting the gym time in but not so much from […]


Get Your Freak On Like Lazar

Do You Want The Look The Ladies Want To Know Better? Get the entire break down of this chest and back workout dialed in by pressing pause early on in this well produced video track of Lazar doing his Chest and Back day. He gives you the whole itinerary if you think you can hack […]

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