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Full Body 20 Minute Pyramid Style Workout! | BODYWEIGHT & DUMBBELLS!

Scott Herman is demonstrating his monster workout. This workout is designed around a pyramid style workout routine. Wanting that full body workout in sub 30 minutes? That’s right this is a complete body workout in 20 minutes! The video is cut to under five minutes saving you time. Make sure to pause at 33 seconds […]


Dynamic Total Body HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout with Warm Up & Cool Down

This video workout routine is core and HIIT focused and lasts 35 minutes. The instructor starts with some short warm ups such as arm circles and touching toes, before changing into the more intense work out that includes exercises such as jumping jacks and mountain climbers. He concludes the work out with a cool down […]


Reality: Building Muscle Is Not That Hard

Sean Nalewanyj explains that building muscle, though infamous for being a hard task, is not a difficult task. He states that the only truly challenging part of muscle building is starting to change a person’s routine. Sean explains that gaining muscle is very doable on three weight-training sessions. A person does not need to spend […]


Tip: Chin-Up, Inverted Row Drop Set

These are good exercises. If you were thinking of something new to try this session will give you a nice variation to mix up your game. This routine can be a nice change up to get you out of a plateau and break free into new territory. Read More…


How To: Atlas Stones ft. Pro Strongwoman Liefia Ingalls

Leifa Ingalls is an excellent example that you can model yourself after to build your strength. Leifa is a strong competitive woman. Watch Leifa go through the process while she learns the best techniques for lifting stones. If you work at it, you too can learn to be adept at lifting stones. If you haven’t […]


Alan Thrall Teaches The Power Clean

Allan Thrall enthusiastically teaches his trainee how to execute the “power clean” lift properly. Allan goes through each step of perfecting the form from start to finish. He shows how to safely use this lift in a way that is of benefit to the athlete doing it. He reiterates the importance of making sure each […]


Muscle for Life Success: Amber L.

Muscle for Life is a supplemental product that helps individuals build muscle. A user of the product, Amber, had body fat that went from 27% to 20% after using the product. A former NFL cheerleader, Amber also lost 14 pounds in one year. She uses what is known as the “5-day split” in the book […]


Tip: The Total Back Exercise

The deficit stiff-legged deadlift is an excellent way to improve grip strength and work the posterior chain. The exercise is a modification of the deadlift that removes the leg compression and hip drive. It requires no more equipment beyond what is necessary for a normal dead lift. The ideal rep range is relatively low to […]


Lifting Weights, But I’m NOT Making Gains… Why?

This video is a response video, where a bodybuilder named Lee Hayward answers a question sent by a viewer, about gaining muscle. The person states that they are having trouble gaining weight as well as muscle mass.They also mention that they get achy joints and that eating more just makes their belly bloated. So Lee […]

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