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Returning To The 6 Plate Deadlift Dinner

Jonnie Candito is trying to rejoin an “exclusive club” of weight lifters who can lift a certain amount; previously, he had hurt his back lifting and is now explaining his techniques and current workout schedule, which is currently not only helping to make his back feel better but also actively working to prevent another injury from […]


Women getting pumped up about weightlifting – The Globe and Mail

Women’s growing interest in weight training, as I have often been featuring here at Muscleopolis, is growing and the benefits are significant as more and more women of all ages turn to weight training. Women doing resistance training isn’t strictly a Canadian phenomenon; a survey last year of female Gym Group members in Britain found […]


This Groin Injury is Kicking My Ass

Groin injuries can be very severe. And now Chris is dealing with a groin injury while attempting to up his game for an upcoming competition. Kris Gethin is a bodybuilder and trains hard enough but now he is getting ready for an Iron Man, but he’s trying to do it in six months instead of […]


Make the World A Better Place to Lift!

If you are dedicated to the sport of lifting, and it’s many variations, then the Super Training Gym is the place for you. The owners believe that you should be passionate about lifting and also surround yourself with lifters who are serious about the sport. Super Training Gym has gained a reputation for being recognized […]


Possible Pat Lost Over 340lbs | Body Transformation Q&A

Losing 300lbs., is, for anyone, a lot of weight to lose. It is both impressive and a good idea for health reasons. Being extremely over weight is dangerous. Pat talks about how he lost so much weight. It can inspire if you need to lose a lot yourself and it can also help you get […]



There was a lot of controversy surrounding one female bodybuilder recently. It was not for any lewd gesture, or anything though. Colette Nelson, a female bodybuilder, did her routine to the music of Lady Gaga and Blondie. A lot of people thought her routine was bad and said she did it all wrong. Key Takeaways: […]


Squeeze Play

Some men like the idea of a tough girl giving them a private smack down. There is a new popular fetish that a lot of men are enjoying and it is about having a one on one wrestling match with a female bodybuilder. They are just like real wrestling matches with the only real difference […]


Training Program Overview | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron

There is a training program overview that Kris Gethin gives to people. Kris Gethin is a man of iron, and he has trained for six months to participate in a triathlon. He is following a program that is open to other people as well. The goal of the program is the build muscle and be […]

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