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Why more young women are body building – BBC News

Bodybuilding is a growing trend in the female population. Hard work and commitment can pay off in the end and help build women’s confidence as well as their feminine physique. It takes dedication and it is a lifestyle change, but it can greatly benefit your health. Key Takeaways: For many women who are interested in […]


Cardio vs Weights for Women: Karina Irby

Many women avoid lifting weights from fear of becoming bulky or manly; however, in this article, author Lori Braun highlights the fitness journey of Moana Bikini CEO Karina Irby, emphasizing the transformation of Irby’s physique over the course of four years as she utilized more frequent weight training to achieve the muscular, shapely figure she […]


Women getting pumped up about weightlifting

‘For me, weight training is a lifestyle that goes deeper than just wanting to look good,’ Garrick says. ‘It’s more about having a healthy body.’ This isn’t strictly a Canadian phenomenon; a survey last year of female Gym Group members in Britain found close to 95 per cent have added resistance training, including the use […]


10 Fit-Girl Problems Nobody Talks About

When women achieve their weight lifting fitness goals, they find they run into some common problems. People feel free to comment about their bodies, and it is not always complimentary. They have trouble finding clothes that fit. Their breasts shrink as their muscles grow. Constant hunger is a common complaint, as well as loss of […]


Flex Wheeler Addresses Size Of Forearms Criticism | Flex On ‘Em

Watch and enjoy a sit down with Flex Wheeler and feedback to those who have criticized his comeback. He talks accountability and how he takes on the talk, comments and how it motivates him leading up to the competition. He is working hard and ready to wow all the doubters. Flex also shares other tidbits […]


Does Flex Wheeler Regret Helping Ronnie Coleman? | Flex On ‘Em

The question lingering in the minds of some people is whether or not Flex Wheeler regrets helping Ronnie Coleman. They are both bodybuilders and try their best at what they do. They are true rivals. They both turned pro around the same time. They do whatever they can to get the best body. it requires […]


Does Crossfit Really Suck? | Pros Vs Cons

What are the pros and cons of CrossFit? You be the judge. As CrossFit has gained popularity with the masses it has also gained a rivalry with the bench pressing muscle-heads called bodybuilders. Wait a minute what? Muscle-Heads? I mean why would they care? They live at the gym right? It’s all they know! Maybe […]

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