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From Dad Bod To Dat Bod

Cary, an athletic high school, and college student slowly watched his muscular body turn to fat as exercise took a backseat to raising his kids, working a sedentary desk job and engaging in a poor diet. After a couple of wake up moments, he decided to get back on track. Through a planned diet and […]


Patrick Helped Others, But Was Losing Himself | The Spark

Patrick was a person that loved to help others, but that made him lose himself. When he was at his lowest, he felt at the bottom of the barrel and burnt out. He felt like a failure that did not belong anywhere. He eventually hit the gym and found a new spark in life. The […]


Kendra Riley Success Story

This is a blog post about a woman who was a dancer and gained weight in high school by eating junk food. During her Junior year, she became unhappy with her body because she had gained 25 pounds. She had a previous weightlifting experience and decided that she should start again and now she is […]


The “Dark Side” Of Fitness Social Media

There is a dark side to fitness social media, as there is a dark side to all kinds of media. When people go online to start talking about fitness, they can be bombarded with the negativity that consumes their entire life. But, there are people who can support you as well. So it is a […]


Why many more young women are body building

“If you set a goal, start with 30 days then move onto 60 days – your body can change a lot. It can be done if you stick to the right diet and right training.” A lot of young women are now into body building. There is actually a reason for this. One lady thinks […]

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