The Complete Guide To Pressing


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Lifting weights, doing push ups and pushing your body to its limit has always been an excellent way to work out and gain muscles, but what if the way you have been working out is all wrong? Learn to do the job more effectively by mixing up the variety of different level work outs and reps. Instead of maxing out your weight maybe trying following some simple but better work out methods in the following link.

Key Takeaways:

  • A popular approach to strength training is to mix up or “undulate” your sets and reps with each workout.
  • It’s an underappreciated truth of strength training that not every movement is ideally suited for every rep range
  • Pick the exercise variations that fit best with certain rep ranges, then cycle those rep ranges. If you have adequate training options to choose from, this technique that can give you a lifetime’s worth of workouts.

“Go too heavy on the wrong moves, and you’re simply begging for bad things to happen.”