Is This Where Body Image Becomes Dangerous?


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Freak To Failure – It’s A Fine Line.

You know the gag where it’s said: “If you don’t have an annoying friend it’s probably because it’s you”? I often wonder at what point we leave our senses and become outside the orbit of even the best outcomes of the sport of bodybuilding or physical fitness. Perhaps it’s because it happens incrementally. When does it come to pass that we are engaging in too much of a good thing until finally that once good thing actually puts our lives in jeopardy? I can recall people making remarks concerning my muscularity as obvious, while all I could see was where I was lacking. How do you see it for yourself before it becomes too late?

The Truth About Palumbism

Palumboism is an affliction of the extreme atrophy of muscles–particularly the limbs- after an extended period on excessive AAS and GH. The term is also often associated with the irregular distribution of fat on the body called lipodystrophy. The name comes from Dave Palumbo, a man who, in his heyday, held his ground next to many of the greats. Dave was a sight to be seen in the ’97 NPC nationals.  But later in Palumbo’s career, he came into another NPC show where the photo below was taken and the term Palumboism was born.

Here we see Palumbo with a massive gut, big waistline, shrunken pectorals and atrophied limbs; definitely far from the pleasing physique that we had seen in his earlier years. He lacks the arm size and shape that he used to have and no longer can control his stomach on stage.

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Why Didn’t Lee Priest Get Palumboism?