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The Joy of Natural Bodybuilding

There is a real joy behind natural bodybuilding. Many people in the bodybuilding game do not take drugs because they fear the consequences. This is a legitimate concern for many people. Many, and for good reason, believe that the dangers associated with steroids and other drugs, meant to enhance the performance of bodybuilders, have been greatly exaggerated, especially when compared to the downside related to misuse and possible side effects. Are the downsides really that great given the wide spread use of steroids over many decades? Regardless, even if you could get a boost from modern chemistry, why would you, given the value and pride you can enjoy by doing the best you can with the genetics you were born with.

Key Takeaways:

  • The real joy in athletics or bodybuilding is not in having a beautiful body or a 1st place award; the joy is in earning it.
  • We must focus on promoting the positive aspects of staying natural, as they far outweigh anything positive that might come from using drugs.
  • If you build your body or win a competition with artificial aids, you’re a phony. And you’ll never enjoy all the incredible rewards that come from being a real champion.

“What I want is the joy and fulfillment that only comes from becoming the best I can be without using any artificial assistance.”