Make the World A Better Place to Lift!

If you are dedicated to the sport of lifting, and it’s many variations, then the Super Training Gym is the place for you. The owners believe that you should be passionate about lifting and also surround yourself with lifters who are serious about the sport. Super Training Gym has gained a reputation for being recognized as one of the best gyms for lifting in California in just a short period.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bell, an all-time great of competitive powerlifting the founder of Super Training, does more than teaching aspiring lifters how to learn the craft.
  • Find a place where you can train seriously—even if that’s just a sparsely equipped garage. Once you’re in the right place, the rules are simple: Train hard, find your path, contribute to the lifting community—and be prepared for the long haul.
  • Bell believes the secret to consistency is putting fitness at the center of your life and making it a part of everything you do.

“The only way to reach your potential is to be in an environment where everyone has the same goal: to get better,” says Bell. “Training and results come first; everything else is secondary.”