Man Who Lost 160 Pounds Reveals His Full Fitness Plan


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Adam grew up overweight and would often find himself sitting on the sidelines and gaining more weight with an unhealthy diet. He was 315 pounds entering High School and knew he had to take action. With his family’s support, he began to eat healthily and created a gym at home. He then found, the site was a great resource to plan his meals and workouts for even more improvement. He continues to use the site to change his workouts to keep the 160 pounds lost a distant memory and maintain his forward progress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adam Park, a high schooler lost 160 pounds successfully with his own decision on his weight control and family fully supports.
  • Adam’s transformation also created healthier changes for the rest of his family.
  • Adam reveals that, an all-in-one place is a great resource to affect his transformation.

“Desperate to fit in with his classmates, he realized that getting in shape had to happen now or never.”