The Mind Game on How to Stay Motivated!

Motivation is quite challenging. It is often the most important point in any training program. Getting your mind right is more critical to your eventual success even more than the training itself. A persons ability to get their mind in gear is significant to the point that professional athletes even hire sports psychologists to help them with this issue. One point to remember is that motivation is a skill. Once you develop a stronger will to train, it will become easier. To get there, you should spend several months training and just push through it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The mind can be trained just like the body and should be to reach goals.
  • The more a person overcomes roadblocks, the easier it will be to defeat those issues in the future because the mind has learned to solve them.
  • Beginners should always push themselves to train, even if it’s boring, for at least 4-5 months before moving on to a different physical activity.

“Even if it feels like the body is glued to the couch or bed, at times, or even if you just finished off your 8-9 hour workday…Just get up, and freakin’ do it!”