Muscle for Life Success: Amber L.

Muscle for Life is a supplemental product that helps individuals build muscle. A user of the product, Amber, had body fat that went from 27% to 20% after using the product. A former NFL cheerleader, Amber also lost 14 pounds in one year. She uses what is known as the “5-day split” in the book that is included with the program. Based on the results it is clear that this system has a lot of potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • I have a long history of fitness. I have been in sports, dance, and teaching fitness classes all my life. I was also an NFL cheerleader in my late 20’s.
  • I really never struggled with weight until after my 3rd baby. In the two years after she was born, I ran a half marathon, and I did other lifting programs to no avail.
  • I had never struggled to lose weight prior to this stage in my life. I was completely defeated and almost resolved to the fact that maybe it was just my age/stage of life.

“Results were quick for me because I started being honest with myself about what I was eating/not doing. I was shocked at how quickly the weight started to fall off.”