Possible Pat Lost Over 340lbs | Body Transformation Q&A

Losing 300lbs., is, for anyone, a lot of weight to lose. It is both impressive and a good idea for health reasons. Being extremely over weight is dangerous. Pat talks about how he lost so much weight. It can inspire if you need to lose a lot yourself and it can also help you get started to come back from the abyss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making healthier choices and lifting weights helps with intentional weight gain.
  • When trying to burn fat and build muscle, it is necessary to find a balance of cardio and weight building.
  • The best pre-workout meal consists of egg whites and carbs (preferably oatmeal).

“My journey is no longer about me; it’s about everyone that finds motivation in me and turns to me for inspiration. Dreams are possible, follow them, chase them, and NEVER EVER give up, be determined and dig deep to find your confidence, to find your strength and to find yourself. Possible Pat’s story is a journey of perseverance and inspiration.”