Women getting pumped up about weightlifting – The Globe and Mail


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Women’s growing interest in weight training, as I have often been featuring here at Muscleopolis, is growing and the benefits are significant as more and more women of all ages turn to weight training. Women doing resistance training isn’t strictly a Canadian phenomenon; a survey last year of female Gym Group members in Britain found close to 95 per cent have added resistance training, including the use of free weights and strength equipment, to their workout routine, and almost half named free weights as their favorite gym equipment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Walzak won first place in the May of 2015 competition in Mississauga in the women’s masters tall category – an impressive feat considering it was her first time competing as a bodybuilder and she had been weight training seriously for just a year.
  • The trend is hard to miss; at bodybuilding competitions, more women are signing up, and their rising interest in the sport has led to the creation of new categories in recent years.
  • In recreational gyms across the country, more women are pumping it up, naturally and free of drugs, to improve their health and tone their bodies.

“We see in the last ten years a massive increase in women who are taking up weight training.”